Ueda Kasumi


Normal Statistics
Aggro 5, Cool 6, Social 3, Sharp 7

Magical Statistics
Magic 9, Heart 4, Fury 5

Base Resolve

Magical Element
Effect from Element
Magic Strike

Magical Power
Healing – Heal any recent physical injuries. Requires touching the person to be healed with both hands.
Effect from Power
Healing Touch

Finishing attack
“Irresistible Heart Break” (piercing attack)

Mother – Heart
Ayano-sensei – Heart
Funayari Mio – Heart – 2 charge
Nakano Izumi – Heart


What is your name?
Ueda Kasumi
What is your magical girl name?
Void Guardian Princess Kasumi

What kind of girl are you?
A quiet girl who doesn’t always understand other people but wants to help them anyways.

What convinced you to make a contract?
I want to prove that I can stand on my own feet and that other people can rely on me.

What is your wish?
I want my mom to get over my dad’s death and move on with her life.

Kasumi has a very warm personality. She finds it easy to talk to people, and easy to like them. However, spending her childhood in a hospital instead of school lends itself to awkwardness in dealing with people her own age.

The School Year
Kasumi is a second year student, although for her it’s her first year at school in her life. She’s eager, but not really used to how things work.

Kasumi often volunteers in the palliative care unit at the local hospital. She has always felt at home in the hospital, and she is good at improving the morale of patients and staff alike. Recently, she’s heard rumours that patients often wake up and relate similar nightmares, and won’t settle down from their horror until the sun has been up for a few hours.

Kasumi has the plain black hair typical of her japanese heritage. She wears it loose most of the time, and it falls to her shoulder blades. She’s mildly pretty in the tradional way, but doesn’t bother with makeup. Her style is more concerned with comfort than appearances, generally.

Transformed appearance:
Her transformation is a simple affair as well. A thick mist appears around her feet and curls up until it obscures her completely; when it recedes, she is in costume.

Imagine a traditional buddhist monk’s garb, in the traditional orange, made out of expensive, light cloth. Add a simple strip of white silk as a belt and raise the hemline to mid-thigh for ease of movement, and you have her basic costume. Her hair is loosely braided, and almost but not quite shines a little bit green. She has a simple chain around her neck, with two star pendants hanging apart from each other; the distance between them is different every time you look.

General backstory
Kasumi’s parents were both doctors. As a cruel vagary of fate, she suffered from a serious kidney condition as a child, and didn’t respond well to treatment. Eventually, when she was old enough to take part in the decision, she agreed to accept a transplant from her father. The operation took place at the end of the previous school year.

As occasionally happens even during routine procedures, something went wrong, and her father died on the operating table.

Fast forward to the start of the school year. Kasumi’s attending an actual school for the first time in her life; she’s always had tutoring at home, so she can enter the same year a girl her age would normally be in, although there are a number of more academic courses that she’ll never have the opportunity to take.

Kasumi isn’t particularly troubled by her father’s death anymore. It is what it is, and it was his sacrifice that granted her the health to attend school for the first time. Her mother, however, hasn’t dealt with it so well. She can’t bear to set foot in the hospital anymore, and is hesitant to look for work elsewhere because she doesn’t want to be apart from Kasumi, even if the distance is only a train ride away. Kasumi’s worries are mostly for her mother.

Ueda Kasumi

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