Tsubasa Suzume


Magical Element


Normal Statistics

Aggro 6, Cool 7, Social 3, Sharp 5

Magical Statistics

Magic 3, Heart 8, Fury 7


Power: Flight. Has no direct combat effect but can be used to reach otherwise difficult areas.

Effect: Swift Action (add +2 to attack attribute only when determining turn order)

Effect: Magic Strike (add 1 overcharge to attack attribute to inflict 1d6 damage extra. can not be used on attacks that hit multiple targets)

Finishing Attack

“Raging Hurricane – Blade Fusillade” (barrage attack)

Suzume flies into the air and rapidly spins, creating a whirlwind which sucks up all enemies in the immediate area. They are held aloft by the winds while she knocks them down with a flurry of throwing knives.


Mori-sensei (Fury)

Ms. Tsubasa (Heart)

Gymnastics Team (Heart)


What is your name?

Tsubasa Suzume

What is your magical girl name?

Eternal Storm Maiden Suzume

What kind of girl are you?

I am an inwardly reflective girl, who enjoys the company of animals much more than humans.

What convinced you to make a contract?

I have always struggled with my inability to actually change anything in my life. My newfound magic and my wish are my first real chances to make a difference.

What is your wish?

I wish Mom didn’t nave to work all the time anymore and we could be a family again…


Suzume has spent very little time around other people, as her only family works long hours to support her. As a result she is very quiet and distrustful of others. However, around animals she is a completely different person and shows a kind of warmth and happiness that most people would consider impossible from her.

The School Year

Suzume is a second year student on partial scholarship for gymnastics. She is worried about being teased by other students, as this has happened in the past due to her lower status and perceived “weirdness”. She has a friendly rivalry with Mori-sensei as they Suzume is very gifted at science but tries her hardest to ignore her teacher completely.


A dog shelter that Suzume volunteers at has recently had problems. Many dogs that come in are far more vicious than normal and frequently attack each other and humans. No people have died but many dogs have been put down. As she has no idea about the witches (yet) she has no idea what is causing their behavior.


Suzume is fully Japanese, with long black hair tied into a side ponytail. She is small for her age but faster and stronger than her appearance would suggest. She is otherwise very plain and does not bother with wearing makeup.

Transformed Appearance

When transformed, Suzume wears a simple white top with green trim and long, loose sleeves to pull throwing knives from. She also wears a darker green cape that ends in two points roughly level with her thighs. She has a blue shirt that reaches her knees. She wears small heels with prominent glowing wings that extend back several feet and ankle socks. Finally, the simple band she ties her hair into turns into a silver circlet, letting her hair flow free.

General Backstory

Suzume has lived with her mom her whole life. She has never known her father as he left before she was born and they have lost contact with him. Growing up, she lived in a different town and had a large house, as her mom owned a veterinary clinic that was highly successful. She often spent a lot of time with her mom at work and loved seeing all the animals. However when she was 7, her mom’s clinic went after business after a smear campaign by another clinic in town. Jobless, they had to sell their house and move to a smaller house in another town. Her mom was able to find employment in the new town, though they never made as much as before which upset Ms. Tsubasa. She works multiple jobs to provide what she feels is the best life for Suzume and is very rarely home as a result. She encouraged Suzume to take up gymnastics to make her look more appealing to Shinagawa Etoile’s admission boards, which offered her a partial scholarship as a result. The rest of her tuition is paid by Ms. Tsubasa’s jobs, as she refuses to let her daughter work for money.

Suzume has never spent much time around other people, as she basically lives alone most of the day. She is quiet as a result and does not enjoy spending time with other people. She will put up with the gymnastics team and school for her mother, but would much rather spend her time volunteering at local animal shelters or taking care of stray animals she finds herself. She is competent in school, except for science at which she excels.

Recently she has felt dissatisfied with her perceived weakness, as she is not able to help her mother in any meaningful way and feels guilty with how hard Ms. Tsubasa works for her while expecting nothing in return. This dissatisfaction is what eventually convinces her to form a contract to become a magical girl.

Tsubasa Suzume

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