Nakano Izumi


Magical Element


Normal Statistics

Aggro 7, Cool 5, Social 6, Sharp 3

Magical Statistics

Magic 4, Heart 6, Fury 8

Current Resolve


Magical Powers

Finishing Attack: Whirlwind Romantic Love Storm

With a fierce yell Izumi charges her flail with a lightning bolt and then begins to swing it overhead at an ever accelerating rate. The ball blurs and appears to multiply as Izumi’s body flickers and arcs with electrical discharge. She roars and a howling gale answers, kicked up by the whirling flail and vacuuming up all weaker foes where the storm simply tears them apart. The speed of her thunderous attack is such that it can defy space itself to strike a hundred times in a single instant.
Effect: Finishing Barrage Attack

Power: Graceful Dance of Infinite Steps

With just a moment’s concentration, Izumi can instantly transport herself and anything she’s carrying to a solid location she can physically see. Tiny bolts of static discharge themselves into the ground and air when she appears suddenly at her destination. Using this power Izumi can travel long distances very quickly. Those who possess certain magical sight claim that she appears to be running along a stream of lightning at the speed of light. In battle this supernatural power means she can shift from a relaxed demeanor to combat readiness in the blink of an eye.
Effect: Swift Action, +2 when determining turn order.

Lightning Element: Love’s Electric Strike – Heavenly Charge

A huge bolt of lightning emerges from the sky to strike Izumi harmlessly. Tiny sparks leap around Izumi’s body as she becomes charged with even more magical power. The pent up electrical power bursts out during her next action.
Effect: Magic Boost, 1 free Overcharge die per battle.


Esmerelda Zaragoza (Heart) +1
Kasuga Hikaru (Magic)
Ueda Kasumi (Heart)
Gengakki Neiro (Heart)
Nakano Shiori (Heart)


What is your name?

Izumi Nakano

What is your magical girl name?

“Magical Sky Warrior Izumi”

What kind of girl are you?

I am an elegant and reserved girl who seems virtuous if not a little old fashioned. This is just my public face, and people who know me have seen the adventurous and outgoing girl I would rather be, when I think I can get away with it.

What convinced you to make a contract?

Being a magical girl means I get to fight and explore and have a secret identity, it’s everything I’ve wanted to do anyway! And I might be able to help some people too…

What is your wish?

I just want my family to be happy doing what they want to do, instead of trying to win favors with anyone.


Izumi seems gentle and welcoming to strangers, she gets along with many people and always seems willing to help them out or listen to their problems. She tends not to judge people and subscribes to a live-and-let-live philosophy she wishes her family would adopt. In public she always seems very calm, even serene, but if she is around only friends she becomes very outgoing and eager to try new things – even if this gets her into trouble she might have a hard time reconciling with her public image later.

General backstory

In the time of the Shogunate, the household clans, the ie, held power through the law over all matters of family life. Through subterfuge and complex marriage arrangements and sometimes force of arms, the greatest of these clans amassed vast properties, collectively owned by the family but controlled only by the head. But the Meiji Restoration abolished the ie as a legal entity, and instituted the modern nuclear family in its place. For most Japanese the ie is a historical curiosity firmly in the past. However, the most influential of these households did not die with their legal status, but moved with the times. They became the reclusive controllers of the new powers – corporations, financiers, industrial conglomerates… the zaibatsu.

The main families of these households enjoy wealth and power beyond what a thousand normal citizens would know in their whole lives. The Nakano family is not one of them. Izumi is a member of one of the branch families – formed by fourth or fifth sons with little hope of advancement within the main family.

Maybe some would be content to abandon all that power just out of reach and live life as a normal family, but not Izumi’s grandparents. Two tyrants who intend to see someone from their branch become Head or die in the attempt. Sakae and Goro Nakano cannot abide to see their position fall any further. They demand a total respect for protocol, politeness and propriety within the house. Izumi’s mother and father have a hard time refusing, for don’t they owe their jobs to their elder’s connections? Even Izumi’s enrollment in school was a string pulled by Grandma Sakae. And they never let anyone forget it.

Izumi’s mother follows along wholeheartedly, but believes she too is acting in Izumi’s best interest. Her father wishes things were different and often lets Izumi relax when he is the only one around, but he is a passive, unassuming man and he still feels he is a disappointment to his parents. In the hopes that they might one day raise their station, all of them have some hand in raising Izumi to be their image of the perfect Japanese woman, in the most old fashioned, conservative way possible. Graceful, obedient, serene, quiet, subservient… everything Izumi is not.

The Nakano family is really only of modest means, but they are often forced to live an even more frugal life, spending much of their money on keeping up with appearances and attending parties that are far out of their budget.

Her only real role model is her older sister Shiori. Shiori went through the same treatment six years earlier, and responded by running off to Tokyo and becoming a successful designer for an architecture and engineering firm in direct competition with the family’s holdings. Izumi has nothing but admiration for her, and Shiori frequently swings by for visits. Her sister’s gifts are kept stashed away from her parent’s prying eyes and are her most precious possessions.

The School Year

Izumi is in her 2nd year at Shinagawa Etiole Girl’s High School. She’s not especially interested in academics, but her diligence at studying (both enforced and otherwise) keep her grades acceptable. She is on good terms with many of the students, cultivating an appearance of elegance (fake) and generosity (real). Her best subjects are Science and P.E.

She is a member of the Calligraphy club. The sports and martial arts clubs have made several attempts to recruit her only to receive stern letters from home not to pursue her “out of concern for her delicate constitution.” Sometimes she can be seen watching the practices.


Within the last week, the four senior-most members of the main family have died under suspicious circumstances – a car accident, a freak electrocution, etc. Authorities are investigating as to the possibility of murder. The whole household is in an uproar as the sudden power vacuum inflames old grudges and spurs new plots.


Nakano Izumi

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