Kasuga Hikaru


Magical Element


Normal Statistics

Aggro 6, Cool 6, Social 3, Sharp 7

Magical Statistics

Magic 3, Heart 8, Fury 7

Current Resolve


Magical Powers

(Power)Armored Form: Hikaru can transform a second time, clothing herself in full plate.
(Effect from Power:Armored Form)Armor: Can take one overcharge to your defensive attribute, granting a +4 to defense. Once per turn, can force an enemy to attack you instead of an ally, and can still take a regular action, if you do this, take one overcharge.

(Effect from Element:Sunlight)Magic shield: functions as a magic shield. (1 OC / +3 to defense to self or ally) Appears as a shimmering barrier of light that deflects an attack.

(Power) Fast Healing: Hikaru heals from mundane injuries supernaturally fast, never gets sick, and doesn’t feel most minor discomforts or pain.
(Effect)Regeneration: Gain one resolve per turn, up to a maximum of 13.

Finishing Attack

“Brilliant Dawn-Breaking Lance” (Piercing attack)

Hikaru leaps up into the air, bringing her halberd above her head, a thin beam of light ripping open the barrier above her, allowing sunlight to leak in for a brief moment, causing her halberd to glow. She changes trajectory in mid-air, diving straight into the youma, a trail of sunlight chasing after her.


Ayano-sensei (Heart)

Class 2-A (Heart)

Lacrosse Team (Heart)


Heart: Miniaturization

Advances Taken

+1 to Cool, Extra Magical Effect (Regeneration)


What is your name?

Kasuga Hikaru

What is your magical girl name?

“Shining Magical Knight Hikaru”

What kind of girl are you?

I am an obsessed overachiever, that tries my best to take care of everyone, even at my own expense.

What convinced you to make a contract?

After learning that dark, terrible creatures exist in this world, I couldn’t say no. Being able to make a wish and correct my worst, most terrible mistake was just icing on the cake.

What is your wish?

My wish? To go back and relive that moment and.. save my younger brother.


Hikaru comes off as cold and aloof, seemingly functioning on a different level from her peers. Anyone who she calls a friend generally doesn’t know that much about her, except that she’s always got a cool demeanor, and doesn’t share much about her life.

The School Year

Hikaru is attending school in her second year, and is serving as a representative of her class. She is also a star player on the lacrosse team, and she is considered one of the best students at her school.


Recently, Hikaru has found out about the existence of other girls with magical potential, and is trying to do her best to find them all and guide them along, so that they don’t end up getting killed.

Current Status

Hopeful, since she has found other girls with magical potential, but she is worried about them, too.


Recently, suicides have started spiking at her school, with underclassmen disappearing and showing up dead a few days later. Hikaru knows this is the work of a youma, but the creature isnt making its whereabouts known.


Hikaru is half japanese, half german. She has short blonde hair, kept in a pixie cut. She’s fairly tall, with a lithe, athletic frame. She has an angular face, her almond eyes are framed with plucked eyebrows. She always wears very light makeup.

Transformed Appearance

Hikaru begins her transformation by twirling her pen and then throwing it in the air. Bright light shines from her fingertips, to her torso, down to her toes, adding pieces of her costume as it goes alone, with a final corona of light growing her hair into a long, golden braid, topping her head with a red beret. At the end of the transformation, her watch has become a shield, and she catches her pen, which is now a halberd.

When transformed, she wears a tight top, buttoned up to her neck, with poofy, short sleeves, the rims of the sleeves and hem of the top ending in white lace. There is a red bow on the chest of the top. She wears long, laced gloves, ending at the elbow, with lace trim. She also wears puffy bloomers, ending mid-thigh, with a pair of lacy tights ending just below that. She wears boots that end just below the knee.

As a result of her Armor power, she has a second transformation, where brilliant shining light envelops her in ornate, full plate armor, complete with a beaked helmet with a red plume. She always keeps her visor up.

General backstory

Hikaru grew up with her parents, a working class family, barely managing to scrape by in a small apartment. Her dad is a dock worker at one of the city’s main shipping ports, and her mother is mainly a homemaker but she does have students over to tutor from time to time. She also has a younger brother, whom she shared a very close bond with, until about three years ago.

Hikaru’s relationship with her mother turned sour around three years prior, as a result of Hikaru’s perceived carelessness and imperfections. Hikaru was around 13, and her brother was around 9. It was a cold, dark night, but she promised him she would take him fishing. They ended up sneaking out to the docks, and before they could start, her brother ended up taking a spill and falling into the water, taking the flashlight with him. Hikaru was too frightened to save him, and hesitated with getting help. By the time they got back, and saved him, it was too late. Her brother has been in a coma for the past three years, with a very, very slim chance of recovery. Her father attempted suicide out of grief because of this, and her mother blamed her, for being careless.

Her mother changed from being a kind and thoughtful woman, to being harsh and distant. She would chastise Hikaru for any perceived weakness or imperfection, driving her to try her best to make her mother proud. As a result, Hikaru became a star athlete, a top student, and extremely involved in her school. To her, though, it seems like a sham. She doesn’t feel she is as good as she pretends to be, and constantly digs at herself for it.

As for being a magical girl, well, Hikaru first had this chance when she started stumbling into a youma’s barrier. A strange creature came to her, and told her that she had no choice but to become a magical girl, or she would be killed by the creature within. It explained to her that she had to have a wish and a hope in her heart, and with that, she could transform in a magical girl, and destroy the youma before it destroyed her.

Recently, Hikaru has taken herself to the task of protecting her city, and while she hasn’t really had any contact with other magical girls, she sees herself as fighting for a cause greater than herself.

Witch Form “Rheinetochter”

(While it may not be inevitable, I still typed up the witch form because I wanted to flesh out the character a little more :3)

Rheinetochter appears as a rotted, drowned maiden, sitting on a wicked looking coral formation on the bottom of a dark sea floor, illuminated only by the corpses of bioluminescent fish. She appears to be wearing a perfect porcelain mask, that, if broken, would reveal a deep, empty pit of blackness. Her torso is ripped open, revealing a small, ghostly child drowned in her womb. There is a dark shadow sitting on her shoulder, constantly whispering dark secrets into her ear. Contrasting with her upper body, her legs appear to be made out of a stained fabric, with stuffing pouring from the seams. She is completely silent except for the chilling whispers from the shadow, except when she is alerted to the presence of other maho shoujo, with which she starts echoing piercing screams in an alien tongue.


Theme song: Hoshi no Utai by Kalafina

Kasuga Hikaru

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