Gengakki Neiro


Magical Element


Normal Statistics

Aggro 6, Cool 7, Social 3, Sharp 5

Magical Statistics

Magic 8, Heart 3, Fury 7


Magical Power: is able to create sound out of thin air (not necessarily a combat skill)

Magical Power: can determine the resonant frequency of objects from sight alone (allowing her to shatter glass and other materials)

Effect: Double Action (the generation of sound distracts Neiro’s foes long enough for her to move more than she usually would) (once per scene take one point of overcharge to act twice on your turn)

Effect: Magic Strike (Neiro can resonate with her enemy’s particles, strengthening her attacks against them) (add 1 overcharge to attack attribute to inflict 1d6 damage extra. can not be used on attacks that hit multiple targets)

Finishing Attack

“Shostakovich in E-flat Major, 4th Movement” (piercing attack)

Neiro begins moving her rapier rhythmically through the air, spinning notes out of air. As the sound grows stronger, you hear a single cello boldly playing an atonal melody. The notes seem to stick to the ear, lingering and waiting for the next note. As the cellist begins to crescendo, Neiro dashes towards the enemy with lightning speed and thrusts her rapier into her enemy’s weakest point.


String Quartet (Heart)
Nakano Izumi (Heart)


What is your name?

Gengakki Neiro

What is your magical girl name?

Furious Melodic Tzarina Neiro

What kind of girl are you?

An outwardly calm-appearing and talented girl who harbours a sea of anxiety deep within her.

What convinced you to make a contract?

I want to make my family proud of me and let them see what I can do.

What is your wish?

I want to become a world-famous concert cellist so I can uphold my family’s tradition


Neiro is a kind-hearted girl who seeks to respect her family, even if they don’t deserve it. She doesn’t have many friends, due mostly to her own insecurities. She is anxious about keeping the family’s music tradition alive, so she rarely socializes outside of her string quartet.

The School Year

Neiro is a second-year student and is competent with her studies. However, ever since she started playing music with the quartet, her grades have started to slip.


Neiro has always had an ear for music, one that she inherited from her family. Just a few months ago, both her concert pianist parents have gone tone-deaf. Neiro has a gut feeling that her parents’ problems are caused by something… but what?


Neiro was born in Russia, and has her parents’ light brown hair and blue eyes. Her hair has been kept very short ever since two years ago when she shaved her head during a particularly bad bout of anxiety.

Transformed appearance:

Her transformed costume is a sleek, black dress with a long train. A black funeral veil appears in front of her face and swings down to her chin.

General backstory

Gengakki Neiro

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