Esmeralda Zaragoza


Magical Element


Normal Statistics

Aggro: 6
Social: 3
Cool: 5
Sharp: 7

Magical Statistics

Magic: 6
Fury: 7
Heart: 5

Current Resolve


Magical Powers

(Power) INTELLECTUAL ILLUMINATION OF MAGNIFICENT COMBAT STRATEGIZING: A subtle but nonetheless useful magical ability, Esmeralda utilizes her magic to greatly enhance her brain’s ability to process information and, at the same time, slow down her perception of time, allowing her to make battle plans and carefully analyse the situation in an extremely short time span, and thus allowing her to seize the initiative before anybody else has enough time to act.
(Effect from power: INTELLECTUAL ILLUMINATION OF MAGNIFICENT COMBAT STRATEGIZING)Swift Action: Your attack attribute is effectively 2 points higher for determining turn order at the start of a round of combat.

(Effect from Element:Paper)Magic Barrage: [Can attack up to 2 enemies with no penalty??? undecided yet). Barrages the enemy with tens or hundreds of small paper projectiles flung at a high speed, acting effectively like thrown knives.

Finishing Attack


Esmeralda flies into the air and conjures ups thousands of sheets of paper, magically bonding and reshaping them into a gigantic imitation of a melee weapon, which she then accelerates towards the target using magic until it reaches the enemy, at which point the weapon bursts into a large explosion of magical energy. She will often ride the weapon as it approaches the enemy, being careful enough to jump out of the blast radius before it strikes.


Nakano Izumi (Heart)

Isabela Zaragoza (Heart)

Tatsuhiro Takahashi (Heart) [2 points of strain]

Advances Taken

None (yet)


What is your name?

Esmeralda Zaragoza

What is your magical girl name?

Magical Paladin of Wisdom Esmeralda Zaragoza

What convinced you to make a contract?


What is your wish?



Although Esmeralda is usually a quiet, reserved person, she has a tendency to be very friendly once she’s able to open up to someone, unfortunately this is often difficult due to her being generally shy and not very assertive, and sometimes a bit clumsy, despite this, she maintains a generally cheerful and positive outlook on life against all odds. On the other side, Esmeralda is considered very intelligent for he age, dedicating a rather large amount of effort into her academic performance, seeing it as a way to ensure a future for both herself and her family in japanese society. Because of her mother’s background in Anthropology and the family’s status as politically motivated immigrants, Esmeralda has a keen understanding of her own ethnic identity, and she sees it as a point of pride, even though she actually was too young to remember her life back in Colombia.

The School Year

Esmeralda is attending her second year in the school, remaining one of the top students and managing to pay most of her tuition fees through a scholarship.



Current Status



Esmeralda’s mother had up until now made her living as a cashier in a neighborhood grocery store because despite her relatively high level of education diplomas from Colombian universities are largely useless in Japan, however, she’s recently been fired from said job, leaving the family without one of its two income makers. While Esmeralda is an only child and her scholarship covers most of her schooling costs, the ability of the family to bear with the rest has become very strained because of this situation, leading to Esmeralda’s japanese stepfather to become the only income-maker at the house, which would be fine except for the fact it has made him increasingly aggressive emotionally both towards Esmeralda’s mother and towards Esmeralda herself. In effect, the firing of Esmeralda’s mother has triggered a chain of events that has effectively made Esmeralda’s home life considerably more unstable.


[To do]

Transformed Appearance

[To do]

General backstory

Esmeralda is the only daughter of a Colombian exilee residing in Japan, her family having been politically persecuted back in their homeland because of supposed links between her father, a former sociology professor in the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and leftist guerrillas operating in that country, which eventually resulted in the forced disappearance of Esmeralda’s father by government paramilitaries and the exile overseas of her mother alongside the then infant Esmeralda. Though the exile overseas effectively left the family economically impoverished, with their status as immigrants further forcing them into the lower strata of society, the family’s highly educated background, Esmeralda’s mother being an anthropology graduate, has helped provide Esmeralda with a level of academic success unusual for children of her socioeconomic background. In effect, her outstanding academic performance allowed Esmeralda to enter Shinagawa Etoile Girls’ High School last year, principally thanks to being granted a scholarship recognizing her academic talents.

However, adapting to the new environment of Etoile Girls’ High School has been difficult for Esmeralda, particularly because of her poor background when compared to that of the majority of her classmates, but also because her largely shaky family situation through life, being mostly raised by a single mother, has not contributed much to her social development. In effect, Esmeralda is a quite shy person, and while she maintains a friendly disposition towards people, approaching them is still a difficult task. Not only this, but around a couple years before Esmeralda entered the school her mother became engaged to a japanese man, Tatsuhiro Takahashi, who has proven himself a cold and distant stepfather who seemingly has no respect for Esmeralda and largely does not genuinely treat her as a member of the same family. The situation only worsening deeply with Esmeralda’s mother recent loss of her job as a cashier in a local grocery store.

Esmeralda Zaragoza

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