• Ayano-sensei (Math)

    Ayano-sensei (Math)

    A middle aged math teacher with a somewhat offbeat sense of humor. She also runs class 2-A's homeroom.
  • Ireko


    The tsukaima, granter of wishes and contract maker for magical girls.
  • Katsurai-sensei (History)

    Katsurai-sensei (History)

    A teacher with a strong sense of what is proper and correct. She is chair of the History department and somewhat reluctantly handles homeroom functions for class 2-D.
  • Kojiro-sensei (English)

    Kojiro-sensei (English)

    One of the only male teachers the girls have, who leads class B-2's Homeroom as well as all English classes.
  • Lt. R. Yamashita

    Lt. R. Yamashita

    The policewoman who interviewed Nakano in episode 1. Extremely professional and reserved.
  • Mori-sensei (Science)

    Mori-sensei (Science)

    An extremely strict female science teacher. Mori handles class 2-E's homeroom.
  • Sakuraba-sensei (Japanese)

    Sakuraba-sensei (Japanese)

    A relatively young teacher, she heads up most of the girls' Japanese classes and is in charge of 2-C's homeroom.