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Your Homeroom

The first task of the new year is a formality, but is expected of you.

Teacher differences notwithstanding, one homeroom is the same as the rest in function. All teachers have a handout they have been asked by the school’s counselors to give to each student. You receive one, and are requested to fill it out.

Career Choices

Top Choice:
Second Choice:
Third Choice:

You notice that people are chatting with each other about the sheet. It’s apparently a pretty good way to get to know the students around you! But first, you’d better fill it in.

(Post your result here. If you want, roll 2d6 and add your Social stat to determine if you find someone around you who wants to talk with you. This may or may not be another player character in your room.)


Top Choice: Biologist
Second Choice: College Professor
Third Choice: Investigative Reporter

Your Homeroom

oh heres my sharp roll:14

Your Homeroom

GM Note: I asked Aimee to roll sharp instead, seeing as how she was preoccupied with handing out sheets (and already has a relationship with her class). The rest of you need to roll 2d6+Social.

Your Homeroom

Top Choice: Prime Minister
Second Choice: Assassin
Third Choice: Astronaut

Social roll: 10 + 6 = 16

Your Homeroom

Top Choice: Veterinarian
Second Choice: Biologist
Third Choice: Zookeeper

Your Homeroom

oh whoops forgot to type my roll. I got 8+3=11

Your Homeroom

Top choice: Social worker
Second choice: Teacher
Third choice: Artist

Your Homeroom

Top choice: Concert musician
Second choice: Sound engineer
Third choice: Teacher


Your Homeroom

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